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How to paint your nails correctly

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How to paint your nails well without staining


Once you’ve prepared your hands for manicure you can procees to paint your nails.

  • In order to prevent surface damage nails go with glazes, apply a first coat of Base Coat. If you do not have one, you can also use a transparent polish or nail polish. This layer usually dries quite fast.
  • Choose your polish for the occasion and shake it to facilitate the impregnation of the brush (there is nothing worse than a brush that does not collect the nail polish well!!)
  • To help you to apply the nail polsh without leaving the any part of the nail without nail polish there is a little trick that will help enough; it is about placing the tip of the brush in the center of the nail and dragging it first to the bottom and followed to the tip by drawing a line. Then do the same on each side until you completely cover the surface of the nail. It is as if you divided the nail into three parts.

  • If you have traces of nail polish on the skin, a good trick to eliminate it is to pass over a cotton stick with acetone or nail pusher.
  • Once you have painted the entire nail, we recommend passing the brush horizontally along the edge of it. This little trick will make the enamel last more days without getting damaged.
  • Once painted wait for them to dry completely. There are some tricks for the nails to dry faster, for example, put them a couple of minutes under cold tap water. If you join two claws painted by hand and not get stuck will mean they are completely dry!
  • If you still want more and you’ll make some design Nail Art is the time to continue. If on the contrary, you are going to leave your nails unicolor apply a last generous layer of Top Coa or shine so that your manicure lasts much longer impeccable.
Mary December 6, 2017 23:14:12

Very helpful

Kate December 7, 2017 0:12:13

Now I get it!! I always mess my nails up with the nail polish. .. i’ll try this technique, it looks pretty easy. Thanks!

Ann-Marie December 7, 2017 0:14:05

Great tips!! Thanks

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